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Two people standing in an office. Both are wearing masks. The man is writing on a whiteboard while the woman watches.


Why Companies Should Remove College Degree Requirements from Job Listings

Removing education requirements from job listings can remove barriers, increase diversity, and help employers find more skilled candidates.

Tile letter pieces spelling out mental health, with a leaf on the right side.


7 Ways to Support Mental Health in the Workplace

How Xpedition supports mental health for our employees—and how other companies can do the same.

Three Drag queens sitting close together and smiling at the camera.


What Drag Queens Can Teach Us About Succeeding In Business

Five lessons drag queens can teach us about how to succeed professionally

People having a meeting in the workplace


Four Things Marketers Should Keep In Mind This July Fourth

Here are four things to keep in mind when marketing your brand or product for this 4th of July.

A group of dancers huddled together and smiling for the camera.


10 Ways to Ensure a Successful Pride Month Marketing Campaign

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when planning a Pride Month marketing campaign.

Photo of Monica, owner of Highway Inn.


11 of Xpedition’s Favorite Asian-Owned Small Businesses

For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we’re sharing some of our favorite Asian-owned small businesses.

Collage of intern photos


Meet our Xpedition Interns

Current and former Xpedition interns share their favorite experiences.

Screenshot of the Google for Games Developer Summit event webpage


4 Ways to Successfully Transition to Digital Events

From building digital breakout rooms to creating interactive websites, here’s how to guarantee a successful digital event.

Rev. Georgiette Morgan-Thomas holding a hat on her head


International Women’s Day Spotlight: Rev. Georgiette Morgan-Thomas of American Hats

Rev. Georgiette Morgan-Thomas of American Hats shares her story and advice for female entrepreneurs.

Image of Protect Small Business campaign


Xpedition’s 2020 Year in Review

The main film, digital events, and social justice projects Xpedition worked on in 2020.

Jack Chaplin cooking at the stove while being filmed


Daddy Jack’s Cooks Up a Winning Recipe on YouTube

Jack Chaplin had to close his restaurant temporarily during the pandemic, but YouTube provided a way to keep in touch with his customers.

Easton LaChappelle in his workshop


Easton LaChappelle Dreams Up a Better World Thanks to YouTube

After learning valuable skills on YouTube, Easton LaChappelle started designing better prosthetics for people with limb differences.

Virtual meeting of 12 people on laptop screen


10 Ways to Maintain Company Culture While Working Remotely

Here are 10 ways the Xpedition team has remained close despite being physically far apart.

Chastity Sereal, a Black female fashion designer


A Step-by-Step Guide to Ensuring Diversity in Marketing Campaigns

From conducting in-depth research to outlining a distribution plan, here’s how to ensure a truly diverse and inclusive marketing campaign.

Bobby’s BBQ owner Tay Nelson and his wife and partner, Sarah Nelson, pose outside the entrance to the restaurant.


Making of a legacy: Bobby’s BBQ film inspires audiences in new YouTube campaign

Great food and good times are the heartbeat of this small business in South Carolina.

Mara Keisling National Center for Transgender Equality


The Role of Brands in Building a More Inclusive World

The stories brands tell have the power to positively influence individuals. Let’s all commit to telling more authentic stories together.

It's about how we serve the community and how we help people weather this storm - Russell Khan Honest Chops Co-Founder


Why Story-Driven Marketing Matters More Than Ever in the Era of COVID-19

Research shows consumers want to support conscious companies. Read about shaping strategy around compassion and community.

small business owners Suzie Mills, Russell Khan and Jenny Doan


Protect Small Business

Small businesses need our support, now more than ever.

nate boyer in army uniform standing in front of empty football stadium


Nate Boyer

At 28 years old, Nate made the decision to enroll in the University of Texas, with the goal of playing football for the storied University of Texas Longhorns. The only problem; Nate had never played a day of football in his life.


Honoring Those Who Have Served

Our quest to tell inspiring stories of those who’ve made an impact has led us to feature many former military members. On this Veterans Day, we honor these courageous individuals both for their time spent in service and their pursuits as civilians.

Pasta Granny Giuseppa wearing apron in kitchen


Pasta Grannies

She’s bold and full of character, dedicated and diligent. She's a master of her pasta-making craft... the queen of the kitchen!

Krystn Keller with son


Keller Works: A Mother's Remedy

There aren’t many things in the world stronger than a mother’s love for her child. As storytellers, we come across hundreds of inspiring stories, but some stay with you more than others; this was the case with Krystn Keller.

coolhaus owners waving through windows on colorful painted brick wall


A Reason to Celebrate

We live in an exciting moment in time! Today, more women than ever are furthering innovation, building community, preserving traditions and creating lasting legacies...


Grow with Google x USO: Supporting Veterans and their Families

There’s nothing more rewarding than working on a project that positively affect people’s lives, especially when we have a very personal connection...

John Cronin with father near neon sign spreading happiness


John's Crazy Socks: Spreading happiness through socks

John is a 22 year old businessman who was born with Down’s Syndrome. When it came time for John to graduate high school, he was concerned with what he could do for work as an adult.

this is family google behind the scenes xpedition


#ThisIsFamily - Google's Pride Campaign

As pride month begins, we here at Xpedition are finding our own pride in the release of our biggest project to date. Working together with #TeamPixel and Google’s LGBT employee organization...