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Forget Work, It’s Beyonce Day

Our agency is closed this Friday, March 29, 2024 as Xplorers are stepping away from their desks to celebrate the Queen!

While we are committed worker bees, we decided to make Beyonce’s album drop day an Xpedition holiday because when the music legend inspires us in her unique, groundbreaking, and fun way — while also aligning with our values — it’s a moment to mark.

Here’s why we’re celebrating:

  • Like Beyonce, our team champions individuality. As an agency that is 60% women, LGBTQIA+ founder — we’re all about individuality, inclusivity, and equality, just like Beyonce. Over the last year, we’ve experienced how a (silver-clad) celebration of individuality — and the kind of community found in a hive — can empower people and bring out the best.

  • Beyonce inspires us to break boundaries. As Xplorers, we’re all about pushing beyond what is expected and letting stories guide us. From branded content to Broadway, there’s no blueprint for where we go — just like her genre-bending magic.

  • We don’t need to wait for the history books. We honor the human experience and think we can do that more by reveling in moments as they become legendary, honoring the diverse voices that are shaping our culture, right now. All too often the contributions of underrepresented communities aren’t included in our cultural moments. Beyonce is the first Black woman to top the country charts despite a history of Black musicians making great country music — it’s history in the making and we want to celebrate that!

Here’s what Xplorers will do today: Sing, dance, dress up, laugh, learn, and bee the best versions of ourselves.

And here’s your invitation to join us: take a moment to learn about Black artists in country music, or simply say to your emails, calls, and texts to “Hold ’em” while you crank up the music!

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March 26, 2024