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Xplorer Dads

Father's Day is upon us, and social media is buzzing with heartwarming tributes to dads. From silly socks to backyard barbecues, it's a day to celebrate everything fathers do for their families.

Xpedition dads are an inspiring group. Their dedication to their families translates into valuable contributions to our company. They're problem-solvers, team players, and mentors. We're proud that Xpedition's remote work policy and philosophy of whole-self inclusion empower our dads to be amazing for both their clients—and their kids!

Let's hear from some of our dads about navigating life as a father and an Xplorer:

Derek, SVP of Unscripted Development, captures the magic of fatherhood and the benefits of remote work:

There's nothing quite like holding your child for the first time. Working remotely lets me be present for those special moments. Even a simple hug and 'I love you, Daddy' on the couch is priceless.

Richard, UK Managing Partner, thrives on the synergy of personal and professional energy:

With young boys, it's like having two balls of energy bouncing around the house constantly! It's hilarious, brilliant, and exhausting all at once. Xpedition's flexibility allows me to work from home (or even bring them in sometimes!) and be truly present in their lives while having the energy to keep up.

Adam, Senior Production Manager, reflects Xpedition's values and the unique journeys of fatherhood:

Becoming fathers is the most fulfilling experience we've ever had. As a two-dad family, our path to parenthood wasn't typical, with its own challenges and rewards. We welcomed two sons through open adoption and surrogacy, each journey a unique story to share—not just for our children, but to celebrate diverse families everywhere.

Allan, UK Managing Director, highlights the shift in work-life balance:

When my kids were born, their view of 'work' was defined by my absence. Now, Xpedition's remote and flexible policies help us reframe that. My kids see me working firsthand, and that ensures I never have a 'bad day in the office' anymore.

This Father's Day, we're especially grateful for the dads who bring their dedication, humor, and inspiration to our teams. We appreciate you, Dads!

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June 13, 2024