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Xplorer Moms: In Their Own Words

As Mother’s Day approaches, we often encounter heartfelt celebrations of everything moms do for us. There’s joy and sentimentality in the air!

How is a company blog uniquely positioned to enter this conversation? We recognize the many gifts mothers give, but we also have a special opportunity to spotlight motherhood in a different way.

We’ve decided to let the moms on our team celebrate themselves and their work. This dovetails with our efforts to have every employee show up as their full selves.

We believe that being a mother and a professional can be mutually beneficial experiences. For example, our Xplorers inspire loved ones with their impactful work. At the same time, moms know how to get things done! This makes them essential members of our team, and heroes for our clients.

We proudly present Xplorer moms' reflections in their own words. We hope doing so honors their experience and inspires new perspectives on how moms make it work – at home and at Xpedition:

Being an Xplorer mom gives Nanette, our Senior Event Coordinator, more chances to be a role-model:

As a working mom, my drive comes from wanting to show my boys that hard work, perseverance, and the joy I find in my work is so important to leading a happy life. I’m so proud and lucky to be a mom of three wonderful, hardworking, and compassionate boys.

Charissa shares how her work as a Senior Project Manager on our Content Marketing team gives her chances to inspire:

My son recently asked me why I work. I'm proud and grateful to be an example to him that we work not just for financial reasons, but also because of the fulfillment that comes from solving challenges, accomplishing results, and making a positive impact.

For KK, Social Media Strategist, motherhood means both having an impact and making time for reflection:

As mothers, we have a massive honor to raise kind and good humans. Like little gifts to the world! :-) And you can't do that unless you look inward at yourself first. Being a mom is looking in a mirror everyday and choosing kindness, calmness, and patience. I want to always give that in my daily life to those around me but it starts with the little people I'm raising in my home every day. And it feels extra special to raise confident, life-giving GIRLS who I know will do awesome things for this world!

Angeliz, Director of Social Strategy, finds that her career helps her maximize opportunities in all parts of life:

For me, working from home has woven together the threads of my life, creating a beautiful picture of gratitude and fulfillment.

What unites the reflections above is how positive energy can flow back and forth between parenthood and professional impact. We love to see this deeply personal balance cultivated in unique ways.

The greatest strength of Xpedition's culture is our unique, caring, inspirational people. This week, we’re extra grateful to all the moms who make our teams shine!

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May 09, 2024